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Organizing Committee


Joseph Chen | Otology/Neurotology | Chair

Professor, Otolaryngology-H&N Surgery
University of Toronto

McGill university, Faculty of Medicine, 1985

Surgical Training:
General Surgery, McGill university, 1985-87
Otolaryngology-H&N Surgery, McGill University 1987-1990

Fellowship Training:
Neurotology-Skull Base Surgery, University of Zurich(Prof. U. Fisch) 1991-1992
Anterior Skull Base Surgery, University of Bern Prof. J. Raveh)1990-1991

Current Position:
-Director of the Sunnybrook Cochlear Implantation Program & Inner Ear Regeneration Initiative;
-Provincial Coordinator, Ontario Cochlear Implant Program (OCIP);
-Professor, University of Toronto;
-Fellowship Director, Otology-Skull Base Surgery.

Academic highlights:
-Chief, Department of Otolaryngology, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, Toronto, 2007-2017
-Mosher Award (Triological society) Winner, 2012
-Postgraduate Director, Otolaryngology-HNS, University of Toronto, 2000-2003
-Undergraduate Director, Otolaryngology-HNS, University of Toronto, 1997-2000

Clinical/Research Foci:
Acoustic Neuroma and Skull Base Surgery
Cochlear Implantation,
Cost-utility & Quality of Life
Facial Nerve Disorder & Management