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Past IFOS Meetings


Historical Meetings 
2022 Vancouver, Canada B. Westerberg Milan Profant
2017  Paris, France B. Fraysse Milan Profant
2013  Seoul, South Korea C.S. Kim Milan Profant
2009  Sao Paulo, Brazil  P. Pontes Jan Grote
2005  Rome, Italy D. Passali Jan Grote
2002 Cairo, Egypt N. Kotby Jan Grote
1997  Sydney, Australia  G. McCafferty Peter Alberti
1993  Istanbul, Turkey  O. Sunar Peter Alberti
1989  Madrid, Spain T. Sacristan Jean Marquet
1985 Miami Beach, Fl, USA J. Ran Chandler Jean Marquet
1981 Budapest, Hungary L. Surian F. Orozco
1977 Buenos Aires, Argentina J.M. Tato  
1973 Venice, Italy E. Arslan  
1969 Mexico City, Mexico A. Bustamenti Gurria  
1965 Tokyo, Japan S. Sato  
1961 Paris, France    
1957 Washington D.C., USA    
1953 Amsterdam, Netherlands    
1949 London, United Kingdom    
1936 Berlin, Germany